Nobody puts Zombipedia in the corner…no wait they do!

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As of April 2014, will be incorporated into the fantastic Gore Splattered Corner.

Zombipedia is very excited by this news and the opportunity to contribute to one of the best horror worshiping sites out there, containing all aspects of our favourite genre (or should that even be lifestyle) including music, literature and of course film. So over the next couple of months don’t be surprised when our links start to direct you over there as we begin and continue porting our pieces over. What’s more we are still working on some bigger articles which will go directly onto the GSC so check there for all your zombie film reviews, features and needs!

Hail horror hail!

2014 will bring the smackdown to the zombie hordes

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Despite the poor first quarter, with arguably Stalled being the only notable release, 2014 is still promising to be a fantastic year for zombie fans.

Along with the many films and shorts we have already covered on this blog (Bombshell Bloodbath, Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem, Death Do Us Apart) and those that we haven’t (The Dead 2, Dead Snow 2, Goal of the Dead and many more) one film threatens to lay the smack down on all of its rivals, and may even bring back the lucho libre vs zombie trend.

That film is ‘Pro wrestlers vs zombies’, featuring a host of, as you guessed it, pro wrestlers both past and present, including Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Shane Douglas and more importantly Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the  B movie and wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper, this is sure to be heavy hitter.

You won’t be surprised to learn there doesn’t seem to be much of a plot and while it’s likely to only appeal to a select audience, the trailer looks a lot of fun and thankfully not being a WWE movie, it looks pretty bloody too, pretty bloody awesome.

Due out end of this month in the USA we hear, hopefully we can confirm sooner rather than later. In the meantime follow the film on Twitter.

Jesus resurrected! Zombies taste the fist of Jesus

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Zombipedia recently heard some fantastic news – there is a kickstarter campaign to get an extended version of the amazing 2012 Spanish short ‘ Fist of Jesus‘, resurrected in the form of “Once upon a time in Jerusalem” and they need your support to make this a reality.

Although we have supported crowd funded films before we are always sceptical but the offerings on this film blew us away with their diversity and value, so not only will you be helping support what looks like a genuine classic but also you will be getting a pretty good return for your cash. Still not convinced check the perks on the kickstarter page and watch the short clip below;

Don’t delay support today and we will have much more on this film very soon.

A bigger bombshell bloodbath!

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Fulci, Lenzi, Gordon all these are great directors with noticeable entries in the genre and I think in 2014 we can add Mullen to that list with perhaps our most eagerly anticipated film for a few years.

Channeling the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft through Lucio Fulci it has been a long time since a film has generated so much deserved hype and this Italian style zombie film is paradoxically something fresh yet harkens back to the golden period of Italian (and arguably zombie) cinema.

From the three trailers we have seen, everything screams quality, especially the amazing make up and special fx, we truly were blown away and believe you will be too.

Along with The Dead 2 and Mar Negro, 2014 promises to  be the true year for a zombie scene revival and a fantasic one for fans, miles away from the action-orientated, horror lite World War Z or glut of horror-comedys in the wake of Shaun of the Dead’s success (note: this is more the saturation of the market, a fair few- Stag night of the dead, Stalled etc. are worthy entries) but it looks like zombie cinema finally has got its horror back.

Check out the recently released extended Bombshell Bloodbath trailer below and read our interview with director Brett Mullen here:

You can also follow the film on Facebook for updates.

Don’t delay, buy Stalled today!

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Stalled, the festival hit UK zomedy is now out on DVD and Blu Ray and fast becoming a hit on home release, flying up the charts already.

It is a film that Alan Jones, one of the organisers of Frightfest called ‘One of the cleverest films I have seen for quite some time’ and Rue Morgue magazine described as ‘Destined to become a future cult classic.’ there really is no excuse to not check this film out.

If you aren’t familiar with the film it is set on Christmas Eve, where WC, a tired janitor on his final shift, wearily enters a ladies restroom to complete his work whilst an office party, to which he is not invited takes place.

Two drunken office girls enter, so WC lays down his tool-box and hides in the centre stall but moments later he is horrified to witness one of the girls is savaged by her rabid pal! If there’s one place you don’t want to be stuck in during a zombie outbreak, it’s a cubicle in the ladies toilets. WC is quite literally STALLED!

To celebrate the release the team behind the film have released a new trailer, so if you haven’t discovered this film already check it out below, then read our feature on the film our interview with writer and lead actor Dan Palmer or even check our review.

Available from all good online retailers including Amazon and most stores including HMV, don’t delay and order Stalled today.


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Following in the footsteps of  the crazy Japanese before them,  the French have proven they are as mad as a box of frogs by combining zombies and sport, in this case, my favourite, football.

Due out sometime later this year, we know very little about this movie but we do know we are excited, and we certainly hope that it is as good as La Horde.

Check out the trailer below and keep your eyes peeled for a English-subbed release.

The zombie apocalypse is a possibility….maybe

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This old blog post has been doing the rounds on social media so for anyone who may have missed it, according to the Discovery channels blog site in December 2012 “some scientists believe  the possibility of a mutated virus could very well attack our brains, and given the density of our population, affected individuals could take out entire cities in very little time.”

You can read the full article and watch some clips on the Discovery blog site.

It’s valentines day, so celebrate by signing up to be a zombie!

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ContaminationShow your love for each other and the undead (maybe thats one and the same for some of you) and register to be a zombie in CONTAMINATION – THE INFECTED, which is not only going to be a fantastic trailer but also a word record attempt!

Later this year Silent Studios are filming a unique pitch film trailer for their new film CONTAMINATION and at the same time they are attempting a record as well with the Guinness book of records. This film is based on a novel released by Silent Studios last year and with the help on some undisclosed partners they intend to make it into a full feature film in 2015.

Currently they are asking for extras and makeup artists to join the Facebook pages below to support this filming activity.

If you fancy being an extra sign up in the Facebook group page.If you are able to help out with make-up and Fx join this group page.

You can also follow Silent Studios on Twitter.

So please support post and share this amazing filming project and let’s see if we can help set a new record and of course enjoy a day filming this amazing trailer for the new up and coming film CONTAMINATION.

Contamination 2

Don’t get blocked up…get Stalled! Out 24.02.14

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Stalled posterIn a couple of weeks, the UK’s hottest latest zombie flick will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray, featuring the talents of the lovely Antonia Bernath (St. Trinians, Goal 3), the gorgeous Tamayrn Payne (Hollyoaks, Small Town Folk) and charming writer/actor Dan Palmer (Evil Aliens, Small Town Folk), I can of course only be talking about Stalled.

A surprise hit at Frightfest, this film has gained much critical praise and we recently caught up with director Christian James, producer Richard Kerrigan and writer/actor Dan Palmer ahead of the release to find out a little more about the film and just why you should check it out.

Read the full feature here.


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More Japanese madness involving tits and zombies, for those slightly disappointed with Big Tits Zombie, here comes Zomboobies, due out some time later this year.

Although we think its an American production, it certainly has the madness as well as cast and crew of a Japanese flick, lets hope it lives up to its name and bounces onto our screens sooner rather than later.