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Fist of Jesus…gore of God [Published 02.03.14]

Scared Stiff 2: The morning after [Published 19.02.14]

Don’t get blocked up get Stalled: Interviews [Published 13.02.14]

Bombshell Bloodbath: Interview with Brett Mullen

Top 5 pre-NOTLD Zombie films [Published 13.01.14]

Blast from the past: Erotic Nights of the Living Dead [Published 12.01.14]

Death Do Us Apart: An interview with Shaub Miah [Published 05.12.13]

Death Walks: An interview with Spencer Hawken [Published 30.11.13]

Low (budget) blow [Published 29.11.13]

Brief introduction to Fulci

When is a zombie film not a zombie film? [Published 18.11.13]

Can zombies get an erection? [Published 17.11.13]

UK Festival of Zombie Culture preview [Published 30.10.13]

Zombie Hood – An interview with Steve Best  [Published 12.10.13]

What’s in a name? Zombie films at the US box office [Published 19.08.13]

Stalled – A UK Zomedy: Interview with writer/actor Dan Palmer [Published 08.08.13]

Forgotten Gems: The Zombie Dead [Published 29.06.2013]

Tall order for a low budget film: Interview with Midget Zombie Takeover writer/director Glenn Berggoetz

Tea, crumpets and zombies [Published 16.06.2013]

Scared Stiff [Published 13.06.2013]

Top 5 scenes in a Fulci Zombie movie [Published 12.05.2013]

Forgotten Gems: Nightmare City

Dead Rising 2 – The future of zombie video games? [Published 12.02.2011]


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