Scared Stiff 2…the morning after

So Scared Stiff has proven to be our most popular article page for whatever reason and so it’s time that we revisit this most intriguing of characters and sub-genres, the zombie sex movie. Whether played for comedy kicks or boners the result is the same, nudity and living on dead flesh action.

Rape Zombie - Lust of the DeadRape Zombie: Lust of the Dead series

Kicking off our look at the erotic undead is the crazy Japanese film, Rape Zombie:Lust of the Dead series, running from 2012 -2013 so there’s still plenty of time for a fourth.

Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead (2012) brings with it, unsurprisingly, a wacky dose of humour, with in one scene a rapey zombifying doctor trying to use a stethoscope mid sexual attack, but with the frantic camera angles this is more an illusion of sexual attacks rather than the brutal actions implied by the title and oddly won’t reach it’s target market as those seeking rape porn will be disappointed in the action and those who want crazy funny Japanese action will be put off by the title.


However, this film does bring something to the genre, the transferring of the zombie virus via sperm and that’s about all you need to know about the plot, as  the living dead embark on mass rape instead of mass murder. It won’t surprise you to hear the sequels are all pretty similar.

House of the Head: Overthrill

A zombie parody, with the novel notion that it is based on a game rather than a film, this one does look a laugh and worth a watch from the atrocious effects, the low, low make that lower budget and the fact that at least they have tried to incorporate zombies, meaning its my recommendation from this page.

Little Girls Shouldnt Play With Dead Things

Of all the films to parody the 1972, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things wouldn’t have been the first to my mind but here it is in all its perverted glory, a parody so popular it spawned a sequel.

Watch it here.

Mummy Dearest

Thankfully the mummy in the title refers to a dead human and not someones mother, and so we can only technically include it as he is not all wrapped up but rather a naked man with a few tight bandages in a latex mask. Unfortunately for the woman, that’s the only latex,

Watch masked mummy man do a woman here.

Zombie Anal Creampie

Err I don’t need to explain this one do I? You know the drill by now. Positives though, Asa Akira is very hot and they have put in slightly more effort than most of the other pornos to zombify the man, please note that it still isint a good effort.

View it here.


And just for a bit of light relief we will leave you with a trailer for what does look like a real film, the upcoming Japanese themed US film Zomboobies.

There is an unbelievable amount of zombie porn out there, more than is healthy or needed but it certainly caters to all tastes and styles and if these two pages arent enough then your on your own.

Don’t forget to read the original Scared Stiff for more film suggestions and please contact us on Twitter with your sexy film suggestions @zombipedia


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