It’s valentines day, so celebrate by signing up to be a zombie!

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ContaminationShow your love for each other and the undead (maybe thats one and the same for some of you) and register to be a zombie in CONTAMINATION – THE INFECTED, which is not only going to be a fantastic trailer but also a word record attempt!

Later this year Silent Studios are filming a unique pitch film trailer for their new film CONTAMINATION and at the same time they are attempting a record as well with the Guinness book of records. This film is based on a novel released by Silent Studios last year and with the help on some undisclosed partners they intend to make it into a full feature film in 2015.

Currently they are asking for extras and makeup artists to join the Facebook pages below to support this filming activity.

If you fancy being an extra sign up in the Facebook group page.If you are able to help out with make-up and Fx join this group page.

You can also follow Silent Studios on Twitter.

So please support post and share this amazing filming project and let’s see if we can help set a new record and of course enjoy a day filming this amazing trailer for the new up and coming film CONTAMINATION.

Contamination 2


Don’t get blocked up…get Stalled! Out 24.02.14

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Stalled posterIn a couple of weeks, the UK’s hottest latest zombie flick will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray, featuring the talents of the lovely Antonia Bernath (St. Trinians, Goal 3), the gorgeous Tamayrn Payne (Hollyoaks, Small Town Folk) and charming writer/actor Dan Palmer (Evil Aliens, Small Town Folk), I can of course only be talking about Stalled.

A surprise hit at Frightfest, this film has gained much critical praise and we recently caught up with director Christian James, producer Richard Kerrigan and writer/actor Dan Palmer ahead of the release to find out a little more about the film and just why you should check it out.

Read the full feature here.


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More Japanese madness involving tits and zombies, for those slightly disappointed with Big Tits Zombie, here comes Zomboobies, due out some time later this year.

Although we think its an American production, it certainly has the madness as well as cast and crew of a Japanese flick, lets hope it lives up to its name and bounces onto our screens sooner rather than later.

You’ll all be dammed!

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Ok so in the next line of zombie animals comes Zombeavers, looking more a mix of comedy of creature feature than zombie this aquatic terror still looks a laugh and hey, I’ll accept the beavers are zombies and not just angry mutations.


Check out the trailer below, I just hope its not as turgid as Shark Night 3D, and as of yet I am unsure of any actual release date but you have been warned.

Oh if you cant get enough of zombie animals, heres another loosely related film trailers;

White Zombie……remake! And films of 2014

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Well this one slipped under the radar for me, and I’m sure most of you, as it appears there is a White Zombie reimagining coming out this year. It maybe too early to say but I am not looking forward this one.

Check the trailer below and like me, think WTF!

Thankfully however there is hope for 2014 with the DVD/Blu ray releases of Stalled and The Dead 2 amongst others and new films like Dead Snow 2, Mar Negro and Zombie Killers (2014) at least we are guarenteed some quality, and more importantly fun, zombie action.

Here’s a few trailers to whet your appetite for the year ahead;

And we are especially looking forward to this weird, Italian inspired flick ‘ Bombshell Bloodbath’, more on this film coming soon.

What are you guys looking forward to?

The Demons are coming!

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If you live in the UK, especially the midlands (zombie centre of the Kingdom) then there is no excuse to miss this event run by Cult Film Screenings, who will not only be showing Bava’s Demons and Demons 2 but have also arranged a Q&A session with Bobby Rhodes and a signing with poster artist Graham Humphreys and all this for just £20!

The event takes place on Saturday 22 February 2014, starting at 1.30 p,m. Click here for more information.



The Outbreak is here! Literal HORROR!

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Arriving via the post today was this fantastic novel by Craig Jones, one of our favourite zombie, nay horror, writers made all the better by the fact he is British (well Welsh but as in the English way we claim the best of the other nations as our own).

Rereleased by Pants on Fire Press, who oddly and rather misleadingly in this case refer to themselves as a Children’s book publisher online, this new edition looks fantastoc and at under £7 is a steal, especially when you consider the writing surpasses even the fantastic artwork.

So what are you waitng for, read our review then go and buy it on Amazon or contact the author on twitter @cjoneshorror

Every day is vital. Every action counts. When you save yourself in the oncoming apocalypse, make sure you have this book for company.


Reissue of Outbreak by Craig Jones