Hunger Drive

Hunger Drive

Author(s): Levi Caleb Smith

Publisher: Self-Published

Year: 2013

We received this very short story, I think it’s fair to call flash fiction as it clocks in at just 584 words, to review after putting out a submission request following the succesfull posting of ‘The Inevitable Dead’ and we werent dissapointed.

Narrated in the first person, ‘Hunger Drive’ tells the story of one persons determination to survive, for me to say anymore may dampen your enjoyment of the story, where my only criticism is that it is too short and hopefully the author revisits this and expands as what Levi Smith does give us, is a fantastically crafted  and beautifully written and more importantly engrossing story.

On the basis of this flash fiction, Levi Caleb Smith could go on to become a star in the literary horror genre and you can download and read this story here.

You can also follow the author on Twitter @LeviCalebSmith4/5


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