What happened to Rhodri

What happened to rhodriWhat happened to Rhodri

Author(s): Craig Jones

Publisher: TWB Press

Publication Date: 2013 (First published 2011)

  • A zombie revenge story.
  • Similar to a Tales from the Crypt episode.
  • Written by highly rated and respected Craig Jones.

Recently re-released by TWB Press, ‘What happened to Rhodri?’ by Craig Jones (Outbreak, Meat Coma) is another short story detailing revenge and of course zombies. Filled with hope for the future, Rhodri and his girlfriend, Kelly, have just about managed to save for their dream house and the life they always wanted.

Wanted but cannot have, as Kelly has ‘lent’ the £20k deposit to her criminal brother Ross who has no intention of paying it back, forcing Rhodri to confront him and demand the money and his life back….but all does not go to plan.

Starting off with the previously mentioned argument between Rhodri and Kelly, one thing that becomes apparent is that the author can perfectly capture the emotional conflict between characters which not only helps to lay the foundations for the story but also quickly drives the story on while adding the necessary character detail.

As ever, Craig Jones is able to clearly describe the action allowing the reader to easily integrate and imagine the world he has created and it is because of this, that we can easily lose ourselves and suspend disbelief when reading his stories as we witness Rhodri’s mental state, initially powered by love slowly overwhelmed by vengeance as he builds to a dramatic twist in the final third that helps open the story up while maintaining its momentum.

But what of the zombie action I hear you say, well there are a couple of moments of brain munching action but that is not the primary focus of this story, and it is best to think of it almost as a ‘Tales from the Crypt’ action,  fuelled by human emotion and personality. Conversely however, like many ‘Tales from the Crypt’ episodes, despite being well crafted there is the sense of familiarity with the story as it is not unique in the genre, but that said not often is it this well done.



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