Cowboys And Zombies

Cowboys and Zombies

Director: Rene Perez

Year: 2011

Aka: The Dead and the Damned


Set in the 1849 Wild West this film primarily follows a bounty hunter as he goes about his business catching or killing bad guys as he needs the money for “something very important”, as he keeps telling us, this path leads him to a small prospecting town where one of the locals finds a glowing green meteor which infects the whole town with the zombie virus. Resulting in our protagonist and his companions to make it out of the town alive…if they can.

Zombie Quality: **

Well the zombies are dressed like they lived in cowboy times but the make up made them look either like burn victims, rejects from Street Trash or just gooey latex shoved on someone’s head with this highlighted by the green CGI blood that emanates from them. A proper low-budget affair, competent for its production values but a long, long way to go.

Zombie Behaviour: ***

A tricky one to call, while they do run the only other thing they do is eat flesh, however as one of the characters states “they’re faster than us and stronger than us” which means it scores quite low on the Romero score but on the plus side they are killed with a shot to the head so I have to give them at least three for their behaviour.

Zombie Threat: **

This is a tricky one, there seems to be more of them than the towns actual population which is a chilling thought however for the majority of the film I saw just as many pairs of breasts than zombies, and sadly this didn’t mean it was a tit-fest. As a result of this, I can’t score the film highly; the zombies posed little threat in small numbers and are isolated on the fringes of the Wild West.

Gore Content: *

Although a couple of scenes show a bit of blood, for a zombie film in 2011 its quite disappointing, although considering the lack of characters in the film there wasn’t much room for manoeuvrability in this area. Very little stands out in the film but this isn’t surprising as the zombies seem to take back stage although sadly they are replaced by a plot with very little substance.

Overall Rating: *

A good film? No. A beer movie? Sadly no, this film has little going for it really and shouldn’t even be shown on the SiFi channel, it takes thirty minutes before even the predictable cause of the zombie outbreak begins and the over use of CGI effects has mixed results. Overall this movie is just bland and unforgettable with uninspiring zombies and a dull, uninvolved plot, if you must watch a zombie film with cowboys then I would suggest checking out ‘The quick and the undead’ rather than this.


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