Osombie: The Axis Of Evil Dead

Osombie: The Axis of Evil Dead

Director: John Lyde

Year: 2012

Tagline: Bin Laden will die again


Dusty, an American yoga instructor is in Afghanistan, on a desperate mission to save her conspiracy theorist brother Derek –who has gone hunting for Bin Laden, convinced that he is still alive. While searching for Derek, she encounters a NATO Special Forces team who are behind enemy lines completing a secretive mission. The group soon realise that not only is Derek’s idea plausible but that the terrorists have new weapons of destruction.

Zombie Quality: ***

For a low-budget movie, the zombie quality is pretty high with the undead having an effective look. The decaying, dried and peeling flesh (not to mention that most look pretty tired) is perfectly captured on camera with the zombies sometimes looking like the immortals from the 300 movie, which is praise considering the comparative budgets. However, due to the lack of variation and visible wounds on show this is only worthy of an average score.

Zombie Behaviour: ****

Slow, shuffling and hungry for flesh these are the perfect ghouls, born out of the classic Romero mould, these creatures rely on their overwhelming numbers or the element of surprise to kill.

Zombie Threat: **

If the terrorists could only harness the power of the undead then the whole western world could be at risk, but these are the undead we are dealing with here and cannot be trained or controlled by a master meaning that no one is safe – eastern or western. However, due to the zombies’ strength often coming from its strength in numbers, there simply isn’t enough people in the desert to make this a reality without man’s intervention.

Gore Content: ***

This film delivers plenty of exploding heads and overall violence but, sadly like many low-budget films there is an over reliance on CGI, which is poorly executed in some situations – in particular a skirmish within the first third of the movie where despite all the blood flying around, our hero’s fail to get a single splash of red on any of them.

As a result of this, and some poor explosions, the score is lower than I would have like to have given.

Overall: ***

Less controversial and more fun expected, this is still recommended to all low-budget, ridiculous zombie film fans to check out. Considering the type of movie, the acting isn’t bad, many of the characters have a sense of fun about them and special praise goes to the make up Fx, which is a lot better than one would have expected for a movie of this type. However, if you are expecting a Bin Laden exploitation-fest then you may be disappointed as the film takes a slightly more generic route than you would expect, and one can’t help but feel that perhaps the filmmakers missed a trick there.

Overall, this is an enjoyable film and despite coming with no extra’s on the disc, this is worth the cheap price and will provide an evening’s entertainment and add to the zombie apocalypse discussions down the pub.


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