Stag Night Of The Dead

Stag Night Of The Dead

Director: Napoleon Jones

Year: 2012

Tagline: It’s going to get messy.


A British zom-com following a group of men (and one stripper) out for some stag night fun with a difference as they embark on a new outdoor experience called Zomball, essentially paintball with zombies until dissention threatens to tear the group apart.

Zombie Quality: ***

The meat and potatoes of any zombie flick is the fx (along with the gore) and you will be glad to learn that the zombies possess enough variety to keep you entertained, going for more natural pale fleshy tones with character specific blood and cuts. As I have found with many low-budget films, the zombie quality is best appreciated in the behind the scenes extras where you are afforded extra time to really see the work that has gone into it.

Zombie Behaviour: ***

The zombies are thankfully slow and shambling for the majority of the film, although as popular nowadays we get the odd zombies with their own quirks and personalities as we see a zombie nun make the sign of the cross, another zombie attempt to ride a bike (and failing) and a couple of zombies showing emotions and retaining the power of speech, and as a result I sadly have to mark the score down slightly.

Zombie Threat: **

A tricky one to score as they are confined to the base. However, as the plot progresses and a few newer zombies are introduced the potential threat to mankind increases but this seems more confined to personal aspirations than a shambling unstoppable horde. However, really it is the lack of co-operation between in the group that threatens more than the zombies themselves.

Gore Content: **

Due to the premise of the film, there sadly isn’t enough gore for my personal taste but in the context of the film it works, when it does occur however it is not gratuitous, sometimes using lighting tricks and shadows to hide the action. In comparison to other movies, this left me initially a little disappointed but shouldn’t discourage you from checking this film out.

Overall: ****

First off, this film is a bloody enjoyable watch. Billed as a mix of Shaun of the Dead and American Pie, you know what to expect, leaning more towards humour than hardcore zombie action, but this doesn’t detract from the horror element but rather complement it. Essentially this is a perfect choice for a late night beer fuelled watch. If you enjoyed movies such as the NZ zomcom Last of the Living and have a soft spot for a bit of action then this wont disappoint and should be in any self-respecting zombiefiles collection and remember, never humiliate a zombie!


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