Stalled DVD coverStalled
Director: Christian James
Year: 2014

> British horror comedy
> Features best killing of a zombie elf committed to film
> A lot of fun and perfect beer movie.
> Read our feature on the film here.

Stalled takes place just before Christmas, and follows luckless Janitor WC as he get stuck in a Ladies’ restroom during the zombie apocalypse as he tries to figure a way out of the mess he finds himself in with only an anonymous fellow stall occupier for company.

Despite being on the face of it a siege film, this is still quite a bizarre and risky premise, and one thankfully this horror-COMEDY (emphasis on the comedy) manages to pull off , in part thanks to the excellent portrayal of WC by the writer, Dan Palmer, who manages to keep the viewer entertained throughout.

Zombie pudding

It’s Christmas, whats better than a pudding?

As a result of the premise, the film, visually at least has a heavy focus on WC, and it here that the innovative set ups and some witty dialogue help drive the film forwards and keep it fresh and with the aid of plenty of humour and a decent amount of gore, it is not hard to see why this film was a success on the festival circuit.

The zombies in this film are generally from the Romero school, which is the way we like it, although slight influence from Raimi’s Evil Dead series and the now traditional Braiiiins call also come into play, while supporting actor Jeff from IT (Mark Holden – Captain Phillips, World War Z) has a fantastic role in which he channels Ken Foree’s Dawn of the Dead character ‘Peter’, although WC is not to be overshadowed in this film, with hilarious consequences.

Overall this is a fun, tight comedy with zombies and has enough surprises up its sleeve to entertain most if not all zombie fans, oh if Zombieland didn’t teach you to be wary of restrooms this film certainly will.

Hilarious fun with zombies, this film won’t sink without a trace thanks to the subplot bubbling under the surface.


Bloodly stall

And you thought your work toilets were bad


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