Zombie Cheerleading Camp

Zombie Cheerleading Camp

Director: John Fabris

Year: 2007

Tagline: Where Cheerleading Is Life….Even When You’re Dead!


Kicking off with static comic book artwork set in a Nazi concentration camp,we see medical experiments are being performed allowing the dead to return to life. However things start to go wrong right before the Allies burst in, secure the area and package all the chemicals back to the good old U.S. A couple of mishaps here and there lead the Americans to bury the chemicals in a secluded cave. Only for 60 years later a pesky squirrel to burrow in and become infected.

The vast majority of the film takes place in a cheerleader camp and is exactly as the title would have you believe, a cheerleader camp (out in the woods) infested with reanimated cheerleaders as our small group of survivors attempt to get the hell out of dodge and make it to safety.

Zombie Quality: **

It was only really through watching the bloopers that I saw some of the quality work put into the zombies make up which I had not processed while watching the feature. Overall the zombies have either a chalky or greenish complexion with darkened areas around their eyes and if they are freshly fed walk around with blood dripping from their faces. However this does depend on the character and scene with the more important ones generally having more effort put into it. This is a shame really as in some scenes the cheerleaders merely look tired as they advance on their prey while in others while in smaller numbers they look a lot more menacing. This perhaps could be down to the order in which the scenes were shot as opposed to budget or even decomposition purposes but as a result does lower the overall score.

Zombie Behaviour: ***

The infection spreads through biting and affects all animals as well, with the source in this flick coming from a rabid squirrel. For the most part what we get are Romero-esque zombies, slow shambling corpses who are put down with a blow to the head but oddly, and not consistent with the rest of the film near the we are treated to a talking zombie head and this did throw me off…it seems the film makers put it in there because they could.

Much like in Romero and Fulci’s films the zombies are able to use basic tools with one scene showing them working together to use a battering ram to try to get into the cabin.

Zombie Threat:***

The zombies have already taken over the nearby town and so we are left to wonder how much further has been affected as some infected victims may be able to make a get away to nearby towns and cities this thing could go global.

Gore Content:***

Not enough gore for this viewer however the FX are reasonably well done in places and do hit the spot (relative to the budget) displaying the disembowelment of one cheerleader and another scene with a chainsaw cutting a poor zombie in half. When used the blood and effects were, as stated satisfactory but due to being under utilised I cannot give a higher score.

Overall Rating.**

Obviously a low-budget flick with a very a promising title and while it does not live up to the expectations it is still worth a watch for a zombiephile. Although it suffers from a slow start (40 mins before any real action starts), shaky camera-work and some inconsistent sound levels as is standard with these low-budget films while the credits play twice in the beginning, for no reason it does have an enjoyable soundtrack and features some good comedy moments and lines (in a teen camp site comedy way) and a  Man Vs Squirrel scene reminiscent of Evil Dead slapstick but sadly the film-makers missed a chance to add some blood and gore to really send it over the edge.

The film came unrated which to me promises nudity, gore and extreme violence but could probably pass for a 15 without any changes as well as  an element of the Return of the Living Dead series throughout the film shown subtly through the film.

Also, rare for a film of this budget they have attached a couple of extras on the disc, while the deleted scenes were pointless the bloopers reveal the detail on one zombie very well which I had missed while watching the actual feature and were a fun watch adding a bit more value to the package.


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