Top ten zombie films of all time!

Ok this is a tricky one and won’t be to everybody’s tastes but here at Zombie HQ we have compiled what we think are the top ten best zombie films of all time.
Feel free to comment and make suggestions, as over time and with consideration this list is open to change.

10. The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue (1974)

Coming four years before Romero’s satirical and socially aware take on zombies came this classic, and often overlooked, Spanish film set in the Lake District of England where pesticide experiments in the serene countryside have an adverse effect on the local dead population.

9. Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

Nothing needs to be said about this brilliantly witty English take on the zombie apocalypse as Shaun sets about getting his life back together while dealing with the awkward inconvenience of a few zombies here, there and at the Winchester.

8. Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

This film just oozes fun, from the characters, the comical settings and of course, the running zombies. Also, popularised the belief that zombies are after braiiiiiins (in order to sedate the pain of being dead).

Although born out of a desire for John Russo et al. to cash in on their success with Night Of The Living Dead the final script and film took a lighter touch, asking us do we wanna party?

7. Brain Dead(1992)

Batshit bloody crazy as Lionel faces mother issues all while trying to woo a local girl. Famed for the amount of blood spilled, this is a roller coaster of  a thrill ride and is a must for all zombie fans.

6. The Evil Dead (1981)

Are the deadites really zombies? Who gives a shit, it’s an amazing film and not many other films have trees getting it on with a woman. This video nasty has a darker less comical edge than the sequels and is all the better for it as practical Fx and a fresh, enthusiastic take make this mandatory for all horror collections.

5. Day Of The Dead (1985)

Perhaps the most brutal of Romero’s Dead films, showing how society has crumbled and terror rules as our band of hero’s biggest struggle isn’t against the zombies but the oppressive dictatorship of Rhodes. Although it is not all doom and gloom as we are also introduced to Bub, perhaps the first real intelligent ‘Romero’ zombie and shaping the way of Romero’s future films.

4. Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

The father of modern zombie films, from the Vietnam and racial subtext to the claustrophobic setting and depressing ending – this film has it all. Although a derivative of Matheson’s ‘I Am Legend’, Romero makes the formula and story his own and in the process gives birth to a new form of terror, to be replicated many times over throughout the years.

3. ReAnimator (1985)

The 80’s seemed to spawn many innovative takes on zombie lore, and loosely based on the stories by H.P. Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon gives us a rollercoaster of a ride filled with disembodied heads performing cunnilingus, zombie cats, and more reanimated corpses than you can shake a stick at. What really makes this film stand out though, is the way it seamlessly blends dark humour into the bleak setting as one man’s ambition threatens to ruin all.

2. Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)

A true video nasty this film has everything for the gorehound, from Fulci’s trademark eyeball money shot, a zombie vs a shark, depressive and bleak ending right to a fabulous score by Fabio Frizzi it is truly a zombiphiles wet dream and even though he came close in the early 80s, this unofficial sequel to Dawn Of The Dead remains his zombie masterpiece.

1. Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

This film has everything – action, comedy, social commentary and unashamed violence all wrapped up in one neat little package. As with a lot of Romero’s films the zombies are not the key antagonists but rather a background plot as co-operation and gang feuds threaten to be our hero’s undoing.

Available in multiple cuts, every version deserves to be at the top highlighting the sheer brilliance created, with the only real criticism being that it is a shame that the alternative (and originally planned) ending was never filmed.


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