Fist of Jesus….gore of God

Thanks to @moonmin_Stiggy and the amazing Gore splattered corner (check it out, you must) who recommended one of the best shorts I have seen in years, perhaps since Zombies and Cigarettes, a 2009 Spanish zombie short. And not only is this potentially the best short since then but it is also Spanish, surely evidence that there  is something in the water over there for innovative, fun, extremely high quality zombie fare.

But what exactly did Kat at the Gore Splattered Corner recommend…the 2012 short film Fist of Jesus. a hilarious take on crazy zombie lore with Jesus kicking the shit of our Israelite zombies armed with not only fish but also many other, to be honest historically inaccuate weapons, causing an awful lot of gore and hilarity.

This film does not hold back with Swordfish having their name taken and used literally, heads being crushed and destroyed as we witness Jesus being a high-pitched screaming bad-ass killing machine.

Directed by the partnership of Adrián Cardona and David Muñoz, they go way past blasphemy and into the realms of insanity with this brilliant yet short adventure, so check out the full fifteen minute movie below and prepare to taste the fist of Jesus.

Rumour is that a full feature length film is in the works and we recommend that you donate and help this become a reality. We will!


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