Zombies Vs Strippers

Zombis vs strippersZombies vs Strippers
Director: Alex Nicolaou
Year: 2012


So did this film scare us stiff or bore us rigid?

A couple years after the initial trend comes this film from Full Moon Features comes Zombies vs. Strippers, and if search terms are to be believed then this is a film that will interest many of our readers.

All the action is set in the almost empty ‘Tough Titty’, tiki themed, strip club where the owner Spider has been losing money for years.  After another slow night, he gives in and finally decides to sell the bar allowing the staff one last party before they close. However, Spider didn’t bank on the zombie apocalypse occurring and driving customers, both dead and alive straight through his doors.

Kicking off with some witty dialogue it is a shame that the film then grinds slowly to a halt resulting in a dull opening twenty-five minutes, where you too start to think about leaving the club behind, and this is exacerbated by the distinct lack of real zombie action bar a solitary minor scene.

Thankfully a weird looking punk bursts into the bar to liven things up, armed with cash and the desire to get wasted and look at tits this kick-starts the film and begins to drive things forwards and the film finally starts to build momentum as new, and interesting characters slowly begin to be incorporated into the story. Although this does seem somewhat thrown together, it does eventually work thanks to some great characters, and regardless of pacing issues, writer Kent Roudebush (Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong, The Dead Women Want) really knows how to write good, likable characters and some witty dialogue which helps to make the film more endearing.

With this momentum push the film does take it up a notch in terms of tits and gore with some noticeable and fantastic scenes although disappointingly the zombies in this movie aren’t up to much, despite shambling and calling for brains they, with the exception of Hambo the farm hand clown, were not very menacing at all and a bit of let down considering the film genre, although intentional or not, one shot reminiscent of Mars Attacks see’s a zombies head explode from listening to (what it would call) music offensive to it’s ears which did make me chuckle.

Made by and starring people with a good B-Movie pedigree this on for fans of the genre  this is a film that improves all the way through the film with some nice acting (for the genre, I’m not talking award winning here) and as I said, likable characters but in truth you could skip through the first twenty-five minutes of this film without it having a negative effect on your viewing pleasure.

What we have here is a poorly paced but still entertaining – in particular the final twenty minutes – film with enough tits and gore for the casual fan, but perhaps not enough extremity for the hardcore.



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