Watch Online

With the dying neighbours screams now past, you can relax and watch a zombie flick in peace, but just in case your DVD player is still lodged into the head of the annoying zombie kid from down the street don’t fret, for below you can still find links to many zombie films up online to watch for free whenever you want.

Best sites include Zombie Movies Cinema and ZombiePix but to save you some time, remember seconds count in the zombie apocalypse, we have also put some links below:

2 Hours (Short)

8 Days Later (Short)

A Plague So Pleasant

Automaton Transfusion

Axed (Short)


Bumbloods (Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3 / Episode 4)

Cargo (Short)

Cost of the Living

Dawn of the Dead (Directors Cut)

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead (Remake)

Decay (Download)

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead

Evil: To Kako

H5N1 (Day Of The Pandemic)

Holdout (Short)

House By The Cemetery

The Hungry Dead (Short)

Inferno Of The Dead (Short)

Killer Raise (Short)

La Horde

Lego City Zombie Infection (short)

Night Of The Living Dead – Original

Night of the Seagulls

Nightmare At The Colwell Centre (Short)

Oasis Of The Zombies

Plaga Zombie

(The) Plague of the Zombies

Play Dead (Short)

Porn of the Dead

Redneck Zombies

Remain (Short)

(The) Return of the Living Dead

Rise of the Undead

Rotten (Short)

Rotting Hill (Short)

Storm of the Dead

Sugar Hill


Tokyo Zombie

Tombs of the Blind Dead

Too Late (Short)

(The) Video Dead


Vampires Vs Zombies

White Zombie

Zombeer (Short)

Zombey (Short)

Zombi 90: Extreme Pestilence (English dub)

Zombie 5

Zombie Creeping Flesh

Zombie Flesh Eaters

Zombie Holocaust

Zombie in a Penguin Suit

Zombie Lake

Zombie Massacre

Zombie Parkour Movie (Short)

Zombie Toxin

Zombie with a Shotgun (Web series)

Zombie Undead

Zombie Women of Satan

Zombies and Cigarettes (Short)


ZZZZombies (Short)


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