Books & Graphic Novels

This section deals with both reviews and author interviews.


501 Things To Do With A Zombie

Anno Mortis

Bath Salts

Book of the Dead: The Complete History of Zombie Cinema

Dead Tide

Hunger Drive (Flash fiction)

Meat Coma

Night Of The Living Trekkies

Outbreak: The Zombie Apocalypse

RayzorWire: Julie Rayzor Zombie War Book Two

The Romero Strain

Way Of The Barefoot Zombie

What happened to Rhodri?

World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War

Zombie Killing Stoners

Zombie Zoology

Zombies of Byzantium

Comics / Graphic Novels

Dawn Of The Dead

Escape Of The Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath Vol.1

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes Vs Zombies


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